Company Profile

        Founded on September,2011, Dongguan Yiteng Electronics Co,Ltd is located in Modern Information Service Creative Industry Park,Dalang Town,Dongguan,China.

Yiteng  is engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of magnetic components, optical components/modules, frequency Component Products,telecom power supplies and consumer power supplies.

       Our products are widely used in Access Network, Backbone Network, MAN, Optical Fiber Switch, Optical Fiber Transceiver, Digital TV, Optical Fiber Distance System and Computer motherboards, Network Switch, Router, TV Set Top Box, Terminal Communication Equipment, Security Equipment, Network Data Communication Industry,etc.

The company has established long-term cooperative relationship with many end-users of communication equipment from home and abroad.We adhere to the customer-centered business philosophy and provide customers with all-round quality services.The company has established Yiteng Electronics (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. and Sichuan Yiteng Starting Point Information Technology Co., Ltd.We established a marketing network In Chengdu, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places.

Magnetics BU

Ethernet transformer, voice separator, XDSL transformer, high frequency transformer, plate transformer, Inverter transformer, integrated forming inductor, power transformer, common mode choke coil, common mode inductor, etc. It is widely used in switches, set-top boxes, computer motherboards, routers, network cards and other fields.

Optical Communication Component

Signal indication LED light emitting diode, digital tube, GPON, EPON, OLT, SFP, SFP+, XFP, 40G and 100G optical devices, optical modules and AOC products. The products are widely used in telecommunication network, data network, access network (optical fiber to home), wireless network, data center and security monitoring and other fields.

Connector BU

Network Connector (Integrated RJ45 Series and Ordinary RJ45 Series), Optical Fiber Connector (SFP Series), Telephone Socket (RJ11 Series), USB&TYPE-C Series, DC, Touch Switch.

Power Supply and Adapter Products

Solar power supply system for communication, wind-solar complementary power supply system for communication, solar lighting system, wind-solar complementary lighting system, photovoltaic water-raising system, photovoltaic grid-connected power generation system, civil independent power generation system, communication power supply, industrial power supply, adapter, etc.

♦Frequency Component Products

Frequency device department specializes in R&D, manufacturing, marketing and service of quartz crystal oscillator, patch crystal oscillator, active crystal oscillator and piezoelectric ceramic resonator. Frequency device products are the first to solve the problems of frequency instability, drop resistance and high temperature resistance, such as quartz crystal oscillator, ceramic crystal oscillator, tuning fork crystal and 32.768 KHZ. Products are exported to countries in Western Europe, Brazil, Hong Kong, mainland China, Taiwan and other domestic and foreign markets.

Antenna and Connecting Wire Products

The Antenna and Connecting Line Division is mainly engaged in the customization, production and sales of communication antennas and various connecting lines. The products have various built-in and external antennas and connecting wires, which are used in wireless routing, wireless network card, notebook, iPad, intelligent home, OTT TV network player, etc.