Get a Smart Dual USB Car Charger

“Car USB Charger for Mobile devices dynamically delivers the perfect power to each device via Smart Charge Technology. This Dual USB Car Charger can charge two devices at once.”

When two devices are connected together the USB Car Charger automatically charges each gadget at its fastest rate according to its need. This Prodigious Mini USB Car Charger is smart as well as fast. Its input voltage range in working range is average 18V. The charging efficiency of the device is over 95% providing continuous power on the go. It is made with high quality durable ABS plastic and aluminum. Moreover it is Smart Mini MFI Apple approved.

Never back down battery power

Input voltage of Smart Dual USB Car Charger in working range 10.5V-18V. The charger LED only lights up when the charger is in good working condition. As soon as the device requiring less power has been fully charged the remaining power is automatically redirected to the higher usage device to charge it as quickly as possible. It automatically stops working when over voltage is detected and switches to minimal charging current when battery is full. The charger itself never gets hot.

Quality speaks

Smart Dual USB Car Charger is made with High quality fire proof material and anti-oxidation aluminium pull tab. It won’t effect to radio loss, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi devices. Shock reliability and vibration of the electronic component and contact spring mechanics stay firmly in the Portable Cigarette Lighter Plug which provides continuous power.

User Friendly

As it is slim it is easy to fit and remove. Ultra low electronics noise system offers the luxury level of comfort inside the cabin. It works potentially in a wide range of temperature. This device is of compact mini design and it is of ultra light weight and available in white and pink colors.