Tiny desk top charger, small enough for travelling

Having reviewed on Amazon for a while, I was pleased to be offered this desktop charger in return for an independent and unbiased review.

Measuring just 3” square by 1” thick and weighing only 145g (slightly more than an iPhone 6 at 133g), it’s a surprisingly dinky charging device, and would make a great travel charger, or to keep the entire family powered from a single socket at home.

It comes complete with a standard UK plug and power cable with a “figure of 8” socket which plugs into the rear, with a sequence of five USB sockets on the front edge. This is handy to know, as it means you can plug in a European or USA plug and cable – provided it has a figure of 8 connection which is a common socket on electrical devices.

In terms of design, it’s nicely made, good build quality and very small. Again to put this in context, I’ve reviewed another charger which had a separate external wall charger which was bigger than this entire device. So full marks for design.

In terms of functionality, you can plug in up to five separate USB plugs to charge anything from a Kindle, eCigarette, iPhones, iPads or Android tablets, and they each draw as much (or as little) power as needed. Again this is a nice design feature, as I’ve seen other devices which have separate sockets for tablet computers (which draw lots of power) or smartphones (which draw less). In total you get 40 watts of power, and it certainly worked well for me with an iPhone 6, iPad Air 2, iPad 3 a Kindle and iPhone 5S all charging at the same time.

In summary, a tiny desk top charger, small enough to take travelling but with enough power for five devices at once.